Planting is the final stage of any landscape installation. Trees, shrubs, and perennials create a more three-dimensional aspect and add color, form, and texture. Distinctive plantings anchor your home, give it presence, and make it look like it belongs to the landscape.

Chad's Landscaping will choose the best selection of plants, purchased direct from the top growers, which make our prices the best around. We use plants that are appropriate to your planting zone. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and we are here to help you choose the right plants for the right places. We work with a variety of plant materials: evergreens, perennials, hardy shrubs, roses, fruit trees, shade and ornamental trees and more. Plants are the most significant elements of the site design, as they define and reinforce the garden style and create a pleasant atmosphere of life, light, color and texture, throughout the landscape.

Our philosophy concerning plant materials is that all plantings should not only survive, but thrive. Proper installation of the plant material followed by the necessary watering and root stimulator will insure the plants are able to do what is necessary the first year. That is to set out a good root system. After the first year a good fertilization, once a year, with an organic based fertilizer will help the plants grow to their maximum height and provide the plants with the nourishment to produce flowers/fruit in its greatest abundance. It is also important that plant material does not become overcrowded a few years after installation. We also like to vary textures of foliage and have different colors for each of the four seasons. All plants purchased by Chad's Landscaping are warranted.

Bed or planting area preparation is the most important key to successful planting of any landscape. We dig down 8-12 inches and look at what the shovel brings up. Sandy and heavy clay soils can be improved by spreading 2-3 inches of Compost and Topsoil mixed. The organic material makes clay soil drain better and makes it easier for plant roots to penetrate. It also makes sandy soil better able to hold moisture.